Kano metro bus ticketing system enables the users to purchase metrobus tickets online.


Kano -
Passanger Application

Nigerian Govt. Kano E-Ticketing System Enables A Better Integration Of Alternative Services Into The Transport System Making It More Attractive For Customers To Use.

Kano - Driver

Kano Driver App Enables The Drivers To Verify The Tickets Based On Qr Code Scaning. Validation Is Based On Online And Offline.


Kano - Agent

Kano Agent App Is For Ticket Agent To Buy Tickets In Bulk At Discounted Price And Resell To The Public Without Smart Phones.

Kano - Dealer

Kano Dealer is a web application that allows dealers to purchase tickets from super admin and selling the tickets to agents in bulk format.

Dealer can also sell tickets to individual passengers.


Kano - Admin

Kano Admin is a web application that enables admin to monitor the ticket sales and dealers count.
Admin can control the app behavior accross each module like mantaining ticket price etc.

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